Who We Are

Name.co.zw is a product of Web Enchanter P/L, an aspiring software company based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

It focuses on providing its valued clients with hassle free web applications.

What We Do

We help you register your domain name(s) easily, quickly and affordably.

The local namespace has seen slow uptake with most website owners opting for international alternatives like .com. The reasons for this are highly publicised by Techzim. Great job guys!

We are here to change this.

Why Us

We were the first registrar to automate registration of local domain names and, according to the Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association (ZISPA), last year (2014) we registered more domains than the next two registrars combined.

We care about our clients deeply. As such, we are constantly trying to improve their experience. One way we do this is by listening to their feedback and use cases.

Our clients are different and have different needs and wants. Our pricing model is designed to cater for that. We also have a RESTful API for those who want to allow their own clients to register domains from their web sites/apps.